Social Inclusion - a major goal

Computer school - an opportunity for young people

In the boarding area and during school hours a major goal is the social inclusion and rehabilitation of the pupils with special physical need for support. Efforts in this respect are accompanied by repeated outreach and information among the residents of Amokwe and surrounding areas as well as by creating awareness in the general public. 

To this end our computer school with the internet café, photocopying and typing services plays an important role. They serve not only as a source of income for the center, but they also encourage social contacts with the local people. In the "writing room" computer and typewriting lessons are offered, as are text, printing and copy services for the public. Today's global job market - and that includes Nigeria - expects young employees to be computer literate. Especially for young people with special physical need for support, computer skills open up a world of opportunities and new perspectives for the future.